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Human Resource Development Centre (HURDEC) Pvt Ltd was established as a management training and consulting organization in early 1990. Its mission is to facilitate people-centered development by strengthening capabilities of (i) government agencies, (ii) local bodies, (iii) donor supported projects, (iv) national and international NGOs, and (v) the private sector. We work to influence policy reforms, strengthen institutions, enhance competencies and ensure organizational capacities to address…
what we do

We provide services and expertise in the fields of (i) organization and institution development and capacity building, (ii) project appraisal, evaluation and study, (iii) project design and implementation support and (iv) strategic review and planning. All of our services are always tailored to the specific needs and situation of the clients and the stakeholders: we do not.believe in ready-made solutions and blueprints, though we do rely and build our on generic knowledge, skills and experience related to the service.…

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